April Fool’s day!

What a day to start blogging! I thought for a little while what I am going to blog about. But then I thought “thinking is such a waste of time”. Its not that I don’t like to think over things, but if I think too much today, I’ll be doing injustice to this special day. Its good to be a fool once a year.

There are 2 special fools in my life who have brought so much happiness in my life. Ruchit & Himanshu have been my best friends, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We have done countless foolish things together, and to be honest, the most foolish or irrational stuff has brought about a memory worth cherishing for a life time.

And how can I finish my first blog without mentioning the person whose foolishness is at levels that we cannot even think of getting close to his level. His standars are so high that we have even defined a scale of foolishness after his name. He is our dear friend Saurabh Saini. And the scale of foolishness is known as “sainiapa” 🙂

Now if you goto Pizza hut and say that you want to eat “dosa”, Congrats! You have just emitted a unit of “sainiapa”.

I would like to thank all my friends for being there for me all the time. Love you all! 🙂