Life’s Big

All these years i have learnt one thing… one very important thing and that is “Life’s Big

No Loss is ultimate and no victory is final is the essence of “Life’s BIG” …changes in life unsettle everyone… even a small change upsets us a lot and we end up ruining hours or maybe days frowning over the changes…where as Life can be simple if we could just accept it the way it is.

I remember, when I was a kid and I had spent my childhood going to just one school. I was not a child who shifted from one school to other. But then the day came when my parents decided to change my school, I was upset and scared to change my school, because I was did not want to leave all my friends behind. I had studied, played and shared my lunchbox with them for good 10 years. But, probably that is the first incident of my life when I learnt that “LIFE is BIG” I moved on and found new friends, not that I forgot the old ones, but Life just gave me more friends. The “change” which upset me initially gave me so many beautiful memories later on.

After a few years, I met with a serious accident and lost a couple of years recovering from it. I was shattered, lost all hope and started disrespecting my life by doing things which were stupid and useless. Once more, I had lost all my friends, as they moved on to college life and i was still trying to gather the lost pieces of the past, recovering from a disastrous accident… but realizing that ‘Life is Big’ and I WILL GET my chances, I moved on. With my parents’ support and love of two new very dear friends (Himanshu and Ruchit) I again started a new journey, realizing that it’s never late in Life, because life is BIG. Now, I am about to complete my studies and I will be a CA very soon. I realize that it is not the end of the journey and there will be bigger challenges that I will have to confront and several changes that I will have to live with, but I hope to remember in all those times when I find myself stranded in a difficult scenario that Life is Big and I will survive through everything.

I have learnt from my life’s experiences that Life will give you chances, just keep looking for them, never lose hope till you have won and keep saying to yourself “The Race is not over yet, coz i have not won”

Be positive and respect your life, do something meaningful.


April Fool’s day!

What a day to start blogging! I thought for a little while what I am going to blog about. But then I thought “thinking is such a waste of time”. Its not that I don’t like to think over things, but if I think too much today, I’ll be doing injustice to this special day. Its good to be a fool once a year.

There are 2 special fools in my life who have brought so much happiness in my life. Ruchit & Himanshu have been my best friends, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We have done countless foolish things together, and to be honest, the most foolish or irrational stuff has brought about a memory worth cherishing for a life time.

And how can I finish my first blog without mentioning the person whose foolishness is at levels that we cannot even think of getting close to his level. His standars are so high that we have even defined a scale of foolishness after his name. He is our dear friend Saurabh Saini. And the scale of foolishness is known as “sainiapa” 🙂

Now if you goto Pizza hut and say that you want to eat “dosa”, Congrats! You have just emitted a unit of “sainiapa”.

I would like to thank all my friends for being there for me all the time. Love you all! 🙂