Life- A Poem by me

What I am going to tell you, was not so long ago,

Then I was a kid and couldn’t understand how the time flows,

What happened with me, must have happened to you,

How the things have changed so much, I have got no clue.

On that Sunday, the sun was hot and bright,

Sitting in my room my imaginations were taking flight,

I wanted to go out and play with my friends,

Have a lot of fun with my marbles in the sand,

But mum asked me to stay back, to complete some math sums,

I was so disappointed; this was something that I could not stand.

I said to myself “a kid does not have a life”

Older people have all the fun, they can follow their own choice

I promised to myself, to live the way I want

To celebrate my life I will not miss a chance

I will follow my heart and won’t care for the world

The idea was great and not at all absurd

But here I am today, I have grown up now

The things should have changed, but they haven’t somehow

I can’t do what I want or what my heart says

Where have I lost my dreams, I cannot even trace

I am running all day, life has turned into a chase,

I feel this is the life and not just a phase,

I am stuck with office work and responsibilities of life

And I say to myself “a grown up does not have a life”